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9/18/2019 3:09:35 AM

Still Cant get cross save to work... Can anyone help, Please?

I will keep it simple. I have only got the Game on PSN but i want cross save so i can help a mate on xbox. I treid to get cross save to work a few weeks ago but It didnt work for me, A mate said i have to have other accounts for them to link. So i went and joined Steam and (I do not have a copy of the game on those platforms). I then added them to the cross save menu. Now when i click on the authenticate Button it takes me to the site (Battle net ,ect) i log in it then takes me back to the authenticate screen and... Thats it. Is does not authenticate? Is it because i dont have a copy of the game on those platfroms? Also i have tried to unlink them from my account ( battle net , Stream)... Can't find a way to do it. Yes i am a noob.... But any help would be great , Thanks everyone.

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