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Oh How the Mighty have Fallen...

[quote][b]The cold air rushes past you as you continue to fall until you hit a ledge and come to a sudden halt...Everything feels cold an it's hard too focus, but through the pain you can hear several thuds and a loud, low groan before everything goes black...[/b][/quote] [quote]???:"Hey! Wake up!"[/quote] [quote][b]You awake to the sound of a woman's voice, upon surveying your surroundings, you see that you're in what seems to be some sort of lab. You don't know how long you've been out, but you feel empty and weak. Then the voice comes back from what appears to be some sort of intercom...[/b][/quote] [quote]???:"Come on, they'll be there to retrieve you any minute now! Pick up the radio and get out of there."[/quote] [quote][b]Upon sitting up you see that any old wounds and scars seemed to have vanished, you appear to be in full health...[/b][/quote] [quote][b][i]What do you do?[/i][/b][/quote]

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