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Sick of the Traveler’s dogma. alt

Dark warlock subclasses — more to come:

I’ll do titan and hunter ones later. Dark warlock subclasses: ———————— Dark Voidwalker: Veil Worshipper “There is no light in the Void.” Path of the Worm: Super — “Aiat”: Pray to the devouring Worm who will hear your call. Drain you super energy to create a large portal on the ground which grows larger the more super you drain. Releases large worm tendrils that strike at all enemies. Corrupt the Light: Strike an enemy with this melee ability to suppress their abilities and deal damage over time. Mouth of the Worm: Hold to convert your grenade into a long range blast of void energy. Precision kills greatly reduce grenade cooldown. Take: Ability kills grant truesight and small health bump. Path of the Whisper: Super — Unending Prayer: When you super is full, hold to spend half of it and begin Unending Prayer. All nearby enemies are drawn to you. Being hit with a melee strike causes a cursed explosion that teleports you high into the air with additional damage resistance. Unseen Reach: Strike at an enemy from afar. Your fist goes through a portal and strikes them with unstable energy. Vertigo Reprisal: Hold to convert your grenade into a trap. Being critically damaged whilst holding grenade teleports you away from enemies and inverts their controls. Silence: Kills remove all negative status effects (burning, poison, shock, chill). ——————— Dark Stormcaller: Electrifier “Light them up. Watch them fry.” Path of the Pattern: Super — Death Grid: Activating your super cloaks you in dormant arc energy. You are immune to all damage until your super meter is drained, upon which deadly arcs of energy are released onto all who damaged you. Nearby enemies also chain the arcs between them for extra damage. Stormglass: Hold to covert your melee into a protective trap that triggers when an enemy deals damage that would have killed you and reflects the attack back at them. Three of a Kind: Your grenades leave a horizontal line of energy that stuns all who cross it. Having three enemies stunned on it electrocutes them. Back into the Grid: Kills with Stormglass and Three of a Kind grants super energy. Path of the Maelstrom: Super — Harbinger of Storms: You release a short-range explosion of arc energy that vaporises all in the blast radius. Those who are vaporised become wandering arc souls that seek and attack enemies. Typhoon Pull: Kills with this melee ability pull all nearby enemies towards you and releases an arc explosion. Blinding Storm: Your grenades activate along with smaller submunitions that cover the area with blinding explosions that disorientate enemies. Unruly, Unpredictable: Damaging enemies with arc abilities has a chance to call down bolts of lightning that strike enemies. ————— Dark Dawnblade: Hellraiser “Punish like the wrath of Hell” Path of the Purger: Super — Purifying Altar: Lunge your sword into the ground and release a torrential wave of hellfire that cannot be dodged. Cleansing Hand: Strike an enemy to inflict lingering burn damage that does not dissipate until the enemy is critically wounded. Pillars of Salt: Grenades deal extra damage. Enemies killed by grenades crystallise. Shoot crystals to detonate solar energy. Warden of Fire: Enemies that enters your rifts will be knocked back and burned. Path of the Tormentor: Super — Inferno Mantle: Roam the battlefield protected by an infernal fire spirit that encircles you. Shoot at enemies to send the spirit out to attack, reload to recall it. Claws of the Damned: Strike an enemy with this melee ability to unleash flaming claws from the ground that attach to the enemy and immobilise them. Dragon Breath: Convert you grenade into a weapon that sprays poison over a large area. Deals damage over time and disorientates enemies. Pleasure from Pain: Dealing damage grants grenade and melee energy. Kills strengthen all solar abilities.

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