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Bearbeitet von DuBChiri2: 8/14/2019 9:24:28 PM

Just a little worried about bannershield.

Weapons is coming back for bubble and im pretty glad it has SOMETHING it can use outside of it (which was the biggest problem honestly) but that makes me think about bannershield. You never really needed it already because of well of radiance...and whatever protection you needed you used bubble for anyways. I'm worried that they might not have thought ahead in that regard. As for what changes would be viable for banbershield...maybe allied bullets activate detonators when firing through the shield, so that the main part of the neutral game is more available. Or something like a shield blast you can fire while blocking so you can rack up damage damage of your own while blocking? I don't know honestly. I know it's a bit early to be making assumptions like this, but I don't think many had a real reason to use this skill tree anyways besides for its great neutral game already anyways. It's defense was only needed on a rare occasions and the damage buff still doesn't make up for the damage you lose by blocking vs just shooting...not sure what to do. I'm curious what you guys think about it.

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