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Error Code Broccoli?

Last night, I was playing Destiny 2 when my game suddenly crashed and returned the error code Broccoli. Now, I can't play the game for much longer than 20 or so minutes before it crashes and gives the same error. I did a bit of searching to see what the meant and found out that it was due to a drivers crash or GPU being removed. It's strange because I have never experienced a crash like this before up until yesterday. I've also tried other things to fix it like checking my drivers were up to date, rolling drivers back and using debug mode in the NVIDIA Control Panel. I did have a small OS update before the crash started which may be a potential cause but I doubt it? Here are my specs: GPU: Asus ROG GeForce GTX 1080ti OC edition (11GB VRAM) CPU: Intel i7 8700k, not overclocked Motherboard: Asus ROG Z370-F RAM: Team Group Night Hawk 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 The GPU is factory overclocked and I have seen some suggestions online about underclocking it but I am not sure how to do that (I'm scared of breaking anything). Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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