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7/21/2019 2:19:22 AM

Rockstar Energy Emblem issue on Account

Hi! I had unlocked the Rockstar Energy emblem couple months ago and early July, i tried to link my old X360 account to my current one (PSN). Since then, the emblem (which is my favourite) just completely disappeared from my account. I already tried to get in contact with you guys via the app and via @BungieHelp on Twitter but got nothing back. I linked the montage on my YT channel where you can see at 2:06 exactly, my gamertag on the scoreboard with the Rockstar emblem equipped. I don’t know how the issue happened (maybe linking both account got soemthing messed up) but i would really appreciate you guys giving me my emblem back! PSN :JunkQC Twitter: @JunkBlueJaY
#gameplay #Help

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