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6/24/2019 5:53:43 PM

Is Escalation Protocol Weapon Drops Broken?

I don't know how many completions I've done Escalation Protocol I've done in the last couple of weeks but weapon drops seem to be non-existent now. I'm tried of completing this fairly lengthy event to get what, 3 or 4 shaders (of one of the worst colour schemes available) and to also be pr!@k teased by a armour loot chest you can't open unless you have done a ridiculous amount of heroic strikes (or some crap) and collected key fragments beforehand. I remember when I first completed Escalation Protocol ages back, in about 3 or 4 completions I got 2 shotguns but now nothing after probably 15 or more completions. What is the point of doing Escalation Protocol now if get nothing of value from it?

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