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Bearbeitet von Mr Toodlepip: 6/9/2019 8:55:54 PM

Rivensbane and Blacksmith with a side of wannabe comp player.

Very active, play almost daily. Looking for an Xbox adult UK only. Ideally, a clan that has achieved max rank through all previous seasons. Want to learn new raid strats, chase hard to obtain achievements and shoot lots of things in the face....or eye ball thing. Rivensbane, blacksmith, reckoner and dredgen seals achieved. Grind pinnicle (primarily pve weapons) play too much gambit and chased the reckoning mods. Happy to grind nightfall weapons for certain rolls. Want to learn new raid and chase the menagerie weapons and armour. I have been playing with the same group for last year and need a change and an enthusiastic clan. Invite: Mr Toodlepip

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