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Bearbeitet von Zelrons: 6/9/2019 9:06:36 PM

A reasonable buff/rework to Graviton Forfeit

Graviton Forfeit has always been a pretty underrated exotic. For those that have forgotten about it what it does is increase the duration of all invisibility effects by x1.3 and while invisible your melee ability recharge increases by x4.85. A pretty gimmicky exotic meant for players that favor invisibility. Frankly though I feel it could use a buff to, coincidentally, bring more attention to it. My proposal is simple. Keep everything it does now, but for every 1 second you remain invisible you gain a 2% stacking damage buff to all your attacks. Or perhaps 1% every 0.5 seconds would scale better. Either way, the longer you stay invisible, the more damage your next attack will deal (this excludes Spectral Blades as it's totally separate type of invisibility). If you break invisibly then immediately try to reapply it your buff won't carry over and starts back at zero. The buff should persist for a short period after breaking invisibility though just for practical purposes otherwise any ability that isn't instantaneous like Bows or melee hits that have travel time wouldn't be able to benefit from it. Things with relatively long travel times like Rockets and grenades unfortunately couldn't work. This buff needs to have a stacking limit like 60% or something. Whatever it takes to not be able to one-shot people in the Crucible with snipers. Can't upset that delicate Crucible balance after all. "But you'd need to remain invisible for 30 seconds to get that high and the longest invisibility effect doesn't last half that long", I'm sure no one said because you don't know how long any of the invisibility effects are. That's true but remember that Nightstalkers have the ability to turn [i]other[/i] players invisible. In a team of six Hunters one player can be kept invisible for over 40 seconds and with melee bonuses like Brawler it's possible to keep a player invisible indefinitely. Also, Patience & Time maybe? 🤞 The idea builds upon the melee buff. It rewards and incentivizes players to take advantage of the exotic's extended invisibility duration and remain cloaked for as long as possible. It also fulfills a bit of that "stealthy assassin" fantasy. What do you think? Is Graviton Forfeit fine as it is? Is both buffs too much and the melee one should be replaced with this new one? Should the buff be stronger? Should it be buffed another way entirely? Is this stupid and we should nerf Fusion Rifles? I'd like to hear so feedback. I'm listening.

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