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5/9/2019 3:44:29 AM

Memory Leak issue in audiodg.exe for a couple weeks now

The latest update, or update before that has caused a serious memory leak issue to occur. This ONLY happens with Destiny 2. When starting Destiny 2, all is well. Menu is okay. I hit enter, and it loads. Everything is okay. Game loads and my character select screen is loading. Memory leak occurs here. Memory in audiodg.exe sky rockets without end. Before I realized this issue a while ago, I noticed my audiodg.exe was at 4GBs of memory usage. Had to restart PC. Memory didnt go back down. This issue only occurs with the recently updated(one or two updates, give or take)Destiny 2. I have updated my audio drivers. Twice. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all my audio drivers. I restarted PC. Restarted PC and immediately started Destiny 2. I have done all troubleshooting short of completely reinstalling Windows.

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