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Bearbeitet von stagemonster: 5/8/2019 12:56:16 PM


Hey Bungie, I have always reserved the right to complain publicly or to point the finger at you, but with the new update in June you overflowed the barrel. Every time your community starts crying, you jump and pull out all the stops to make sure nobody complains anymore! My question is: Why are the weapons in PVP getting nerfed that you've been farming for weeks? Do you want to destroy your PVP even more? Do you scare away all the players who have been loyal to you since the first hour? With the nerf of the Lunas Howl and Not Forgotten, you've definitely made it with me. D2 was removed from my PS4 right after the message! I am extremely disappointed by you and seriously wonder what is going wrong with your game design. Who decides that? I could also complain that every fart in PVP runs around with the wave splitter, Telesto or Jötunn and is happy because he did 10 kills without a skill. These people probably fell off the changing table too often when they were babies. But I don't do it because I invested a lot of time and frustration to get the handguns to counteract this bullshit. And what do you do? You nerf them.... That makes me really sick. Excuse me for having to express my frustration here, but you really don't have it all anymore. It's sad that you're now also messing up your D1 players. Keep what you want from the mail. I'm through with you.

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