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4/12/2019 12:01:22 PM


Hey I wanted to know why you get matched vs 6-stack teams in PVP and this twice in a row. I mean its kinda annoying. Why are you not paying attention to PVP at all? There are clearly some quite imbalanced classes in PVP but instead of nerfing, you just buff other classes? Why are you guys are so affraid to nerf things? Are most of your balance team guys playing Hunter or Warlock? It must be^^ In the end I consider that for Destiny 3 that you get totally rid off PVP you are just not good at it any more. I mean Halo was ok cause it was balanced, but hey what do I know ^^. At last this post will get no votes and no views cause you have your inner core that like to exploid and so on^^ I hope that after this Gambit expansion there is finally coming a little more content to play, cause otherwise there is nothing else to play cause PVP as mentioned is one off the worst exp. that I ever had in a game like this. P.s.: Just go and get help for PVP and try to copy other systems that work allready. Otherwise thanks that I was able to let off some steam. g Pottn

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