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Bearbeitet von X-LoganX: 3/20/2019 10:41:08 PM

Can someone explain what happened to my Surge Bounties

So 2 weeks ago I logged in to just run around the Tower a bit. I picked up the Surge Bounties that were there just to have them in my inventory. (Noni didn't notice an expiration). So 2 weeks later without really playing much I come to find them missing. Scouring the J tenet to see what happened I find 3 things. - They expire after a week. Ok np. - They should be back on the weekly reset. I don't see them - Them not being there might be a bug. Can smmekne explain this sh!t? I decided to give the Thorn quest a try because I heard they improved on the progress paths and the pvp progression. Low and behold I can't get more surge bounties. Is this just Bungie forcing me to need play in SotD week 1? Edit: Ok I read the last TWAB and saw this: [quote] Power Surge Bounties: We are investigating an issue where the Power Surge bounties can expire after 7 days, and are not recoverable if they are deleted.[/quote] I did not see that before. I hope they fix it.

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