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3/4/2019 5:25:49 PM

[PS4] Ahamkara's Promises. Recruiting active Guardians who need a new home for the season of the Drifter

Greetings fellow Guardians, are you looking for a new home in an active clan? You've come to the right place! We are active throughout the seasons - yes, even during the content droughts! But alas, no more of that! With season of the Drifter dropping tomorrow we are looking for new Guardians to come join us. We will discover the new content together and beat all our opponents in the new Gambit modes. We are also happy to teach any and all raids that you may not have gotten an opportunity to do, we're only here to help! So, please make sure to check out our requirements before applying, to make sure that you can meet them all - including the activity requirement. It's how we stay so active ;). [u]Requirements for joining us[/u] - You must be at[b] least 18 years old[/b] - You must have a [b]headset with a working mic[/b] - You [b]must join our discord server[/b], as this is our communication channel (you have [b]24 hours after joining the clan to do so[/b]) - Your light should be at [b]least at 640[/b] [u]In-clan participation (milestone rule to make sure people play with clan members at least twice per week)[/u] Members must complete 2 of the below, with clan members - Nightfall Weekly Challenge / Nightfall Score Challenge - Weekly strike challenge - Weekly Gambit - Weekly Crucible - Raid(s) (2 raids = 2 milestones) [u]2-week trial period[/u] New members will have to go through a 2-week trial period. Nothing major, we just want to make sure that you engage with clan members. [u]Who we are[/u] We are a dedicated teaching clan. While we run teaching raids on a regular basis, dependent on demand, we do also very much enjoy experienced runs. [u]What we are looking for[/u] We are currently on the lookout for new members who do not get burned out during content droughts. Who still love to run Year 1 raids as much as Year 2 raids, who are willing to help learners out by joining teaching raids and who are passionate about setting up their own runs. [u]Timezones[/u] Our members are mainly based in the US, with about 2/3 of our members in Europe. We also have a couple members in Australia. If we have sparked your interest feel free to send a request. If you have any questions please feel free to message itsagood4u2nv or myself. If you do message us, show us that you have read this and are aware of our requirements by mentioning the word hatchling in your message. We look forward to welcoming you guys! Come join us, o hatchling mine.

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