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UK/Americas Clan Recruitment, 'Tower of Midnight'

The Tower of Midnight is looking for YOU! Clan of all skill levels from seasoned raider to noob looking for members from across the globe. We are a small but tight knit community of destiny players who also expand into other games. Looking for players who want to be part of, and help develop a group of friends who play games and enjoy themselves. We are not so fussed about your skill level as we are a persons ability to play with a group of friends and enjoy themselves. Our current membership consists of seasoned raiders and crucible legends, to those who jump on and run a couple of strikes and a few quickplay games just for fun. Currently we play Destiny, Apex Legends, Rocket league, Anthem, Red Dead Online, Monster Hunter, We have a couple Warframe players and will expand as more games come out Division 2 etc. Our only requirements are that you must have a microphone that you use, and you must either currently use or be willing to sign up to Discord as this is where most of our non in-game communication happens. The clan is called 'Tower of Midnight' Look us up. If you have any questions or wish to contact myself directly my PSN is 'Lew-I-' please do hit me up. Look forward to hearing from you.

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