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2/8/2019 10:30:32 AM

Eververse Expired Season Cosmetics

Hello Everyone and Bungie, When I am playing Destiny, a thing I always liked was the games [b]cosmetics[/b] and [b]customization[/b] options. Going wild with different armor and mixing and matching shaders is something I and many others enjoy, as it makes your character your own and unique. Back in previous Seasons, Eververse had some really cool cosmetic gear, but some of us never got around to get them or were fortunate enough, and now there is no way to obtain them. Even if you did acquire a said piece, and you may have accidently deleted it, it not obtainable through the Collections tab, as it marked as “Randomized Gear” [b]Concept:[/b] I thought it would be a smart move to bring back the [b]Temporal Surge Engrams[/b] (These engrams were used to buy emotes from previous Seasons) but in this case with [b]armor[/b]. This way players can select and buy the cosmetic pieces that he or she wants or did not get around to pick up. Make them cost the same as the previous Engrams or [i]allow players to purchase them with Bright Dust[/i], as alot of players, me included, got quite a big stock of Bright Dust to spare. I hope this will get read and maybe even considered, as we all love some good old Cosmetics. I want to thank you for your time and reading. [b]Best regards,[/b] Scoobzz

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