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Hello! Some info and proposals to this site. 1. Translation issue in RU language. Clan recruitment - Endgame //// Endgame is translated like "after company" but should be "after campaign". So you have to change from "После компании" to "После кампании" 2. Clan recruitment page should rid of plusses and minuses, we are just playing game and looking for "company", but "collaborations of clans" is disliking everything and it is really tough to stay on the 1st page (oh gush, we'v got about 3k people (probably 75% dead), so nobody will get newbees except us!). --Also it is good to make wipes of "Clan recruitment" section once per season. 3. Clan chat on site and in-game chat should work as one. 4. Site chat settings is just refreshing page, we really want to hide userinfo (or better to bring it in another section), but when we are using "apply" to notification settings page just refreshes and nothing happens. P.S. if you will be so kind, you can send info about little issue to in-game translators, that shader "bergusian night" is translated like "bergusian Knight". I sent this info via twitter, but I'm sure they missed it.

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