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Bearbeitet von Mindfulpizza: 1/18/2019 1:53:23 PM

With all the nerfs and stuff and wtf , this game going be dead once anthem and division 2 comes out . they all learned on there games .

hell even ffxiv learn , but bungie still doing same old same old , nerf nerf to rainbow six , with no story , no nothing anymore no space magic , it been taken away . what left on destiny ? what really left on destiny ? all those games dedicated servers and do not nerf unless , so game breaking , and even then they design counters , but bet each one them also not lock out 90% community as growing . ubisoft making all there pvp and pve dedicated , anthem is main bioware from real guys and gals dedicated , and ffxiv did a wtf and made 2nd most popular mmo in the world , and bungie just like nerf nerf and o we can football nerf and o we nerf and time gate nerf . As mean time bungie wtf people they look at just ddos attack over and over on pve and do some nerfiouse stuff on youtube and were like nay not going to play .

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