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1/12/2019 9:14:51 PM

Gaming Laptop - Game Will Only Use Integrated GPU

Since I move around a lot as a uni student, I have a gaming laptop. Like many gaming laptops, this machine has 2 GPUs, a dedicated GeForce 850m and Intel's Integrated Graphics. However in-game I get poor performance on low graphics settings, regularly between 20-40 DPS. The VRAM monitor on the graphics settings claims it only has 128mb of ram, when it should have 2GB. This combined with the frame rate suggests to me that the game is using my integrated graphics. I have reinstalled the latest nVidia driver and has set the nVidia card as default for both all programs and Destiny 2 specifically in the nVidia control panel. However this appears to have no effect, with the game still reporting the same VRAM and frame rates. Looking around online some users on desktops said they solved this issue by plugging their monitor into their dedicated graphics directly, however since I'm on a laptop this is not an option for me. Has anyone else experienced this, or knows of any potential solutions?

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