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1/7/2019 6:56:59 AM

Rivens heart run guitar during petras run

Ok Bungie, how about you get your -blam!-ing shit together. The Lastwish raid has been out for a while now and the day it dropped it came with the guitar error. (Where it kicks your entire fireteam to orbit) I just attempted Petras run and after all our work and effort it was pointless because we get kicked to orbit at the heart run. We even spent 15 -blam!-ing minutes to boot everyone then rejoin, then have the person who stayed leave and come back. It is completely ridiculous that this has been happening for so long with no fix. It turns the petras run, which is supposed to be off purely skill into a RNG luck of the draw game. You only get it if Bungie chooses to not -blam!- you over. For the love of God fix this damn error, because I am done playing this error ridden shit game that you don't care to fix or listen to the playerbase.

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