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Bearbeitet von McDuckington: 12/27/2018 7:11:38 PM

Can we please have Transmog for our armor? I dont understand why we dont

You literally work with the company that invented this system. Your game is on their launcher ffs. I can either choose between having god perks and looking like an idiot Or having crap perks and looking good What is the point of you developing all these awesome armor sets [i]if we cant even use them without downgrading ourselves half the time?[/i] Every single piece of gear from Y1 is [b]UTTERLY FREAKIN USELESS[/b] An entire year of grinding for armor made a complete waste of time by your development team As long as it isnt silver, you can make this service cost as much of whatever resource you want, i dont care, just let us have transmog.

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