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6/28/2018 9:53:40 PM

Honestly im surprised. (Ranting)

Everyone claimed that autos where to powerful in pvp. So the player population dropped to below 200k. Everyone got bored of using the same two guns. Now it's even worse with vigilance wing and graviton Lance but the pvp population is still sticking around 500k. So now the real question. The ppl who hated crucible before (because of the uriels gift, mida meta) but love it now. And there are alot of you. About 300k of you. U do realize that's completely hypocritical, or are u just fooled by the Excotic title of the weapons? Everyone has a right to thier opinion but nobody can deny that we are in the same position as season 1 of destiny 2. Where only 2 weapons matter out of the 300+ weapons in the game (not including common and rare weapons) If u can't see that using vigilance or graviton is no different from using mida or uriels from season 1 then don't bother trying to argue. Now I'm not arguing that it's unbalanced. Having one or two guns that everyone is using is the definition of balanced. If everyone uses it then everyone has the same advantage. My argument is the same from season one. I don't want to be limited to 1 certain type of gun. Certain guns should out preform other weapons. Some guns should be shitty. This creates diversity with the weapons. But 2 weapons should not out preform every other weapon. Especially when the game has 300+ weapons! No weapon should be better than all others because then what's the point for every other weapon type. Right now crucible is boring. My excotic must be vigilance wing or graviton Lance. Making 28 other excotic weapons useless. If I'm not big into pve, then why even keep them. I say again that is boring. And I'm surprised the pvp side is staying so strong. Which is sad because I use to love pvp. It's what kept me playing in this game. Always hoping it would get better. Now I'm strickly pve unless I'm doing a milestone. I hate doing call to arms now. On a side note pve is amazing (in my opinion) right now. All the changes that bungie has made in warmind is crushing it. I'm excited to see what you got for Forsaken. Still love the game. Just disappointed with PVP. Alright die hard fans, looking forward to read and then ignore the comments on how I'm wrong and how the only correct opinion is ur own.

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