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6/22/2018 6:45:14 AM

Shall I breathe life into it once more?

F**k yes!


Yes, but I shall abstain from profanity.


Yes, please.


Hello there. My name is Cylus. You may or may not recognize me, and I assume it'd be the latter, as I was once a frequently seen face in this world of off topic. However, I took a break from Destiny as well as this app for a few months, and well, here we are. Now for the question proposed in the title. If you were to follow the links of the hashtags below, (Cylus and Cooking), you will find yourself with a few posts made by myself, dating nearly a year ago today. If you read through them, you may find yourself enjoying your time as well as the small glimpse of what off topic once was. Now again, I ask you. Should I bring back the legendary series, [b][i][u]Cooking with Cylus[/u][/i][/b]?

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