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Guys! #OffTopic might be in trouble! [UPDATED 6 EDITS]

Just read this. I don't like this one bit. [spoiler][b][i][u]KUPO!!!™[/u][/i][/b][/spoiler] Edit: I'm trying to talk some sense into him. I just hope they listen. Edit 2: There's a few options to try. I can list them here for simplicity sake. 1. Try downloading the free trial and get to the farm. 2. I heard that there's a store called Redbox where you can rent the game for a predetermined amount of time. You can get there for less than an hour. 3. Gamestop isn't taking anymore Destiny 2 copies, meaning that you could probably buy it for very cheap. Good luck to everyone here! Edit 4: I have one final solution, but it requires [b]a lot of trust[/b], and personally I would never allow anyone to do it to my property. But... Account sharing. [b][u]This should only be considered as a last resort![/u][/b] Edit 5: I'm going to fight for everyone here, I don't give a rats ass who you are. Off-Topic is my third home. Edit 6: I'm going to remember all of you that doesn't make it to the other side. You can bet on it!

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