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Crucible PC vs Console Invisibility Issues

So, I play Destiny 2 on PC. I'm not a super hardcore player. I shotgun Crucible rounds for an hour or two a few times a week. I'm aware the community feels like Hunter is a trash class, but I have some kind of Stockholm Syndrome for it or something, because I keep playing it. I originally went Nightstalker because I love invisibility mechanics, and it felt very strong in PvE. It became completely useless in PvP and I could barely squeak an Efficiency over 1.0. Eventually, I swapped to Arcstrider, and my average Efficiency on a match jumped to 1.6-1.85 overnight. This is strongly at odds with everything I hear about Nightstalker, and it's been bothering me for some time, because the disconnect in my experience and most people's seems pretty obvious; obvious enough that I came to these forums solely to (likely pointlessly) post about it, because it's been nagging at me very hard for a while now: [b]Invisibility is next to useless in the PC version of Destiny 2[/b]. Disabling aim assist is a huge deal on console, where aim assist is a natural part of how FPS games function, so I can see why it would be considered a powerful ability by many, but when using M+KB, it's as if you hadn't turned on the ability at all. You remain an incredibly bright, obtrusive, and obvious, glowing blue shimmer that can be easily picked out against the background from a great distance, and are trivially easy to shoot. This isn't just a matter of me raging about being headshot by MIDAs halfway across the entire map while invisibly hopping from cover to cover (which happened almost every match when I played Nightstalker), but this is something I'm noticing when I play against other Nightstalkers; [b]they may as well not even bother turning invisible[/b]. At best, they become almost negligibly harder to headshot, but this never matters because they're either relying on ambush or already on the back foot if they're employing invisibility. When I see a bright blue glowing man run across the screen, I mostly just feel a small pain in my heart as I gun the poor guy down, especially when he's crouch walking or something, trying to be sneaky. This basically renders the Nightstalker subclass almost objectively inferior to alternative subclasses on PC, to the point I only ever see people who clearly have no idea what they're doing still playing one. It's something I doubt Bungie currently notices, and honestly, I doubt something they will ever address in the game's lifetime. Still though, at present there is amost zero reason to play Nightstalker on PC. [b]tl;dr:[/b] Invisibility is useless on the [b]PC version[/b], making Nightstalker incredibly weak compared to its console incarnation. It doesn't make you even slightly more difficult to hit, even slightly more difficult to see, and you're better off not spending the frames turning it on. This is specifically a Crucible issue, and it is specifically localized to the PC version of Destiny 2. Fixes? Idk, I'm not a 13 year old armchair game designer who thinks they can roll out a list of fake patch notes and get hired by Bungie. The only way I can imagine Invisibility being remotely useful is if it is genuinely dramatically less visible --as in, as invisible as cloaked Fallen are when they stand still-- when you aren't sprinting. If Bungie wants to do something wacky to make it useful: sure, whatever works, [b]so long as it becomes an escape or approach option as viable as it is on the console version of the game.[/b]

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