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1/2/2018 5:05:47 PM

How To Fix Eververse (Bungie probably won't remove it)

To fix the glaring problem in this game known as Eververse, Bungie can simply do these few things: 1. Remove everything from the store except for emotes. These are cool items that people might want, but are only cosmetic and do not impact the gameplay in any way. 2. Relocate the loot in Eververse to activities in the game. I would suggest something like this: -Have the exotic ships and sparrows drop from raids -Legendary ships and sparrows drop from strikes and crucible match rewards like the ships did in the original Destiny. Also, make these exclusive to their respective activities, like before. *Bring back the strike streak from Destiny 1 as well, increasing the likelihood of getting legendaries or exotics by staying in the strike playlist -The seasonal armor set could be obtained as a reward for completing specific challenges that you must grind to complete There would be a separate challenge for each piece of armor. -The ghost shells could be scattered across various activities in the game as loot as well. 3. Remove the RNG factor from Eververse purchases. Allow players to buy the emotes they want. Players would feel respected if they were not playing a lottery with their real money. 4. Make shaders unlimited use like they were in Destiny 1 and create a collection in the vault for them, along with ships and sparrows (again, like Destiny 1). If you like this idea, please upvote this post so it could possibly get trending. I would like for Bungie to be able to see this and maybe even implement it into the game.

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