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12/28/2017 4:07:48 PM

#FixEververse, Don't Remove It

I'm fine with how it was handled in D1. Ornaments, cool costumes, but completely avoidable. And I don't want to hear: "Oh, but it is still avoidable," because when the best looking loot in the game is behind microtransactions, and when most of the items added to the game are for Eververse, it becomes so that there is little to no loot set aside for actual in-game accomplishment, such as raids and trials. Make it purely for extra aesthetic purposes. Before you add 60 items to the game (of which it's only possible to get about half without spending money and dodging the dupes perfectly), add at least that many, if not more, to the real game. I bought a FPS, not an online casino. Stop making it HARDER to get Bright Engrams just to reach for our wallets, and start making actual game to go with your game.

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