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12/27/2017 12:32:14 PM

Let's actually do something with the #removeeververse

I call all the guardians who are unhappy with the state of the game to join me in a war. all you have to do is stop playing Destiny 2 until they do something about it. Until we finally get a game that's not a shop. Until they stop treating us, players, as bags of money. Until they remove Eververse This would definetely be noticable if we do it as a community. This might be the push we need to kill Tess, to be free of these microtransactions. So let's do something that Bungie would notice. Let's strike until we get what we want. Join me in this revolution against microtransactions. Sidenote: I like the game, and I play it daily, but I am willing to make this sacrifice of not playing to win the war against microtransactions. I understand that we will lose a lot of loot, but I am willing to help anyone who joins this war to grind the stuff they need after winning the war. All you have to do is stop playing and tweet to Bungie the following text. I am joining the war against Eververse by not launching Destiny 2 until Eververse is removed. #RemoveEververse #WarAgainstEververse Just remember. No one's afraid of one bee. But when the bees swarm together, the enemy hightails out of their territory. This is our chance

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