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12/11/2017 10:01:56 PM

Tokens are boring. Let's redesign them, shall we?

So token are boring. Everyone knows this. So what should we do to fix this? Replace them! (Tokens themselves would stay, but I'll get to that later.) How about instead of tokens, you get reputation like in D1. Once you level up, you get an engram. The higher your reputation, the more loot you get from engrams. General rewards would be slowly filtered out for the area specific ones as you level up. Every area faction would have a special exotic that can be found in these engrams (it would probably be related to the characters lore. Like the NLB for Devrim). At the end of the season, your rank would be reset and you would get a huge package that would increase in size the higher your previous reputation. As for tokens? Instead of being a source of direct reputation, you would use them and legendary shards to buy weapons and armor from that area's vendor, along with reputation and glimmer boosters (I.E. Ether Seeds). Tokens would be much rarer, and could be found in both faction engrams and the places you find them currently. Comment any suggestions or feedback.

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