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Destiny 2

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12/11/2017 1:10:49 PM

The Spendgame

Please, Bungie, explain to me why we have both microtransactions and paid DLC in Destiny 2. Eververse was supposed to eliminate paid expansions or at least drastically reduce the price of admission. Where is our money going if not to support the game we spent it on? Why are half the endgame rewards locked behind a paywall that doesn't even help other players get DLC? Why are exotic Ghosts that provide hefty bonuses also behind this paywall? Imagine slaying the minotaur in the public event on Mercury 10 times to earn Osiris' favor, then getting a sick Mercury-themed shell or even Sagira's shell. Picture travelling ten thousand kilometers on your sparrow and getting the speed demon shell. Why are these not earnable outside of some f*cking bright or illuminated or whatever engrams?

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