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Was destiny 1 good only by luck?

I thought that bungie did the following things on purpose: - create elitism by giving the coolest sh*t only throu hard to finish endgame content. -leaving puposely room for op weapons and subclass setups so we can find‘em and be op for a week or two, then they nerf it, and after they patched op weapon and subclass set up it was time for D2. - i thought they knew that how your guardian looks and poses is important to the majority of the players so they put in prchaseble -recreate your character- and -different poses for your guardian in your inventory screen- And i thought i figured them out ... because i said to a friend when mida (at begining of d1 the weekest exotic) is the meta were colse to d2 ( or a gigantic sandbox update) so we can start with the fun again... ... but i think now ... D1 was good by chance ...

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