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Bearbeitet von Willy Trombone: 11/23/2017 10:01:23 PM

Week 4 of Intel & Nvidia crashing. Still no Bungie acknowledgement or inclusion in known issues.

Looks like this issue isn't getting fixed. Guess I and hundreds of others just have an unplayable, broken game now. Absolutely god damn ridiculous. If this were ANY other developer and/or publisher, this issue would have gotten noticed within a few days, and fixed within two weeks. Yes, including EA. They money grub, but at least they fix their god damn games to be playable. You have just over one week left before you decide the outcome of this game's livespan for me. Fix this issue, or I won't be buying Osiris, or any proceeding DLC's and Destiny games. If you can be bothered to pump out DLC, you can be bothered to pump out a fix to some of the most ridiculous crashing I've ever seen from any game, and some of the most ridiculous scrubbing under the carpet from any developer. Unacceptable on all levels. Upvote this if you want, hopefully it won't end up being ignorable by them. BattleTag: WillyTrombo#2228 Configuration Info CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k cpu @4.00GHz GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16gb GPU Driver Version: Geforce Version 388.31 Operating System: Windows 8.1 version 6.3 (build 9600) DxDiag: Issue Information Destination/Activity: Crashing at any point. Description: Doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, after 20-60 minutes, I crash.

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