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Bearbeitet von BrandonDotCom: 11/23/2017 12:24:58 AM

Fixed vs Random. Why not both?

Since the launch of Destiny 2 the community seems fairly divided over the issue of fixed rolls vs random rolls. My solution, simple, why not both? I propose that every non-quest related legendary weapon has 2 fixed perks, which can either be a stat perk or weapon perk depending on the gun and 2 optional/additional perks, one of which is random and the other can be applied via mod. This might sound a bit confusing, but bear with me. Let's just use the 'Call to Serve' scout rifle as an example. In column 1, you have the sights and optics which remain unchanged. In Column 2, You have two options, either 'extended mag' as a fixed perk or a random stat perk, which may include: "perfect balance, braced frame, rifled barrel or explosive rounds". In column 3, you have the option between "tripletap" as a fixed perk or you can choose to apply a scout rifle mod which will change the default perk to one of 4 potential scout rifle mod perks including: "dragonfly, killclip, outlaw and hidden hand." Think of it like using a mod to reforge a single perk. I feel that this solution is the best compromise between people who want fixed rolls, people who want random rolls and people who want reforging. This solution offers players who want fixed rolls a strong legendary weapon out of the box. It also provides players who want random rolls the option to grind alternative versions of the same weopons without TOO much grind. And lastly it gives the mod system more significance and allows the player to reforge a single perk. Any Thoughts?

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