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Community Exotic for Destiny 2! Step 2 and 3: Weapon Category & Type

Hey Guardians! We got our responses from the First Step so it's time for the next steps of the Community Exotic, but before we go into the submission process...let's look at the winner. From 101 submissions to the Google Form the winner was: [b]Weapon![/b] [b] First Place was Weapon at 56.4%, 57 Votes[/b] Second Place was Armor at 16.8%, 17 Votes Third Place was Ghost Shell at 13.9%, 14 Votes Fourth Place was Emote at 5.9%, 6 Votes Fifth Place was Shader at 4%, 4 Votes Sixth Place was Sparrow at 2%, 2 Votes Seventh Place was Ship at 1%, 1 Votes Now that we have those numbers out of the way we are onto the 2nd and 3rd Step: [b]Weapon Category & Type [/b] [u]Weapon Category & Type[/u] [b]First, we have to pick the weapon category we want the exotic to be. We have 3 options:[/b] Kinetic Weapon Energy Weapon Power Weapon [b]And Lastly we have to pick the Weapon Type from those categories:[/b] Auto Rifle Scout Rifle Pulse Rifle Hand Cannon Sidearm Sub-Machine Gun Sniper Rifle (Power Weapon Only) Shotgun (Power Weapon Only) Fusion Rifle (Power Weapon Only) Linear Fusion Rifle (Power Weapon Only) Grenade Launcher (Power Weapon Only) Sword (Power Weapon Only) [b]Please understand that with the power-weapon options that we're trying to keep a balance here so that is why they are stuck in the power-weapon category.[/b] You can comment below what you would like the item to be or participate in the Google Forum linked here: [b] The data will be collected and presented in Step 4 on November 15th, 2017[/b] [b]Users will NOT be allowed to see the graph of responses on the GoogleForm until Step 4 is posted.[/b] [i] Hope you Guardians enjoy discussing what you would like to see![/i]

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