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11/10/2017 5:42:41 AM

Destiny 2 Is Breaking Streams/Videos Playing in the Background

Ever since the latest PC update, D2 suddenly made it nearly impossible to watch Twitch Streams and YouTube videos in the background. Both get constant buffering and stuttering if you try to play them when the game is running. The game itself actually starts having problems too. Things like slightly longer load times, short delays while navigating menus. I've even had audio cut out for a second during public events. Watching them at low resolutions such as 480p or below helps, which is strange because I could watch streams and videos at 1080p no problem in previous builds of the game. Everything ran smoothly. I was wondering if it was just me, but some people in my clan reported the same thing when I asked. It bugs me because watching streams/videos while I grind is my daily routine. What the heck was changed in the latest update, where the game seems to be hogging so much bandwidth, that it's destructive to everything outside the game?
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