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Rat King Impossible

My brother (274 Hunter), friend (270 warlock), and myself (283 Titan) have been working on getting the Rat King for about three weeks now. With my brothers work schedule, we can only do the nightfall for two days a week, so we've done the nightfall six times now. We just completed the nightfall for week 4 of Destiny with 2 minutes remaining. We just seem to have issues getting this exotic. This quest sucks. We've jumped through so many loops only to get destroyed for about 2 hours for two days for the past three weeks. 12 hours all for an exotic that's not even that great, and yet, it seems next to impossible with our builds. What are we doing wrong (tips would be super appreciative)? Is bungie to blame for a quest that is next to impossible if you don't have the right build, equipped exotics, and just making a quest that's down right tedious, ridiculous, and exhausting for a meh exotic? Edit: I should probably mention I'm a Destiny Veteran. Played during year one of Destiny all the way to RoI. My brother and friend are not. I have two accounts where all six characters got to 400 light. Was raid leader a lot of the time, knew WotM like the back of my hand, crota was super fun as well I'm not really that casual of a player, but I'm trying to enjoy my time more with my brother since he's new to the game and we've seemed to connected over it. Edit: Also should mention, we're on Xbox.

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