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7/24/2017 7:09:11 PM

Bullet sponge enemies may be intended and good for new weapon system

Hear me out guys. I hear all of your complaints and believe me I feel you. weapons feel weak, abilities charge to slow and also feel weak, weapon system is boring, no one wants to pick away at an enemies with primaries all the time. Too focus on PVP. there is a lot I can go into, but if you need to know, my general feeling about he game is good. Call me a sheep if you want, but I like to look at both sides of the story. I just want to share my experience I had playing the beta that gave me a taste of the direction Bungie is trying to go: Playing as a warlock, during the homecoming mission, right before you open the door to make your way to the reactor room, I was fighting a yellow bar the felt like a big sponge, the big bug that can hover in the air. He killed me a few times actually. I'm not sure what but something indicated that he was using arc damage, then I dawned on me that my new exotic, risk runner, became more powerful or didn't run out of ammo in regards to arc damage. I think I had to take a hit or two before the exotic perk became active, but once it was, I melted the guy like is it was nobody's business. it was almost too easy, but still fun and challenging at the same time. So maybe enemies are suppose to be difficult with only a few effective ways off actually taking them down. There may be many more weapons that operate similar to risk runner in the full game that will give you the advantage over an enemy who would otherwise feel like a big bullet sponge. Don't be blind by you hate for bungie and realize this is just a beta and we don't have everything that is to offer.

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