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What is the Best Sparrow for Sparrow Racing? Complete Guide Here!

Hey guys! So some amazing human being by the tag of kyt_kutcha made a crazy in-depth breakdown of sparrows and their stats. He also came to a logical conclusion on which sparrow is the best for the league. I saw that there wasn't anything similar to that over on the forums, so I thought I would come spread the knowledge. I have my video linked above (5 minutes with all values and explanations), for those who prefer values explained through voice. For others, I have the original thread linked right below this paragraph, or my less thorough text review in the spoiler tag below (with a tl:dr). Original Reddit Post: [spoiler] The speed value for all sparrows gets boosted to 160 in the races, so that statistic doesn't matter. However, it is still important to compare the boost and durability values, and the perks that these sparrows have. There are three types of sparrow classes: 1. Classic Sparrow (Year 1 body w/ no tricks) Boost: 40 and Durability: 55 These sparrows are extremely maneuverable and a great all-around. 2. Raid Sparrows (Timekeeper and Gravedigger) Boost: 60 and Durability: 60 These sparrows are the fastest, and all records have been set while using them. However, the boost is extremely unforgiving if preformed incorrectly (you blow up). This means these require a very high learning curve to use properly, and thus are not the best for the vast majority of players. 3. Trick Sparrows (Tumbler and most of year 2/3 sparrows) Boost: 35 and Durability: 55 These have the slowest boost, but make up for it with the ability to do tricks. A successfully landed trick will give the rider fuel to preform more side-boosts, making them extremely beneficial. In addition, the SR-1 Swiftriver trick sparrow has higher than normal stats. SR-1 Swiftriver (A reward from the "A nod from Cayde" questline.) Boost: 40 and Durability: 55 This sparrow has the maneuverability, body, and boost of a classic sparrow, while retaining the ability to preform tricks. This makes it the best sparrow for racing for mostly everyone! TL;DR: The Raid sparrows are the fastest, but have a tenuous learning curve. However, the SR-1 Swiftriver is the fastest trick sparrow, and thus is the one everyone should probably use. [/spoiler] Alright guys, thank you for reading/ watching. Make sure to go show kyt_kutcha some support for his amazing breakdowns. See you on the tracks, guardians. Have a nice day :).

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