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11/2/2016 3:53:37 PM

Bungie, we want answers! How does the 3 Of Coins system work?

So it seems that everyone I talk to has their own theory on how 3 of Coins work, and every theory is completely changed every time there is a small patch. I am looking for answers to the burning question we all have, how exactly does the 3OC currently work? More specifically... 1) What are the set drop rates/probability settings for 3OC? 2) Can one "stack" 3OC, and if so, how many can be stacked, and what is the effect of the stacking (is it an additional set probability or a multiplier)? 3) Are the set probabilities different for each 3OC opportunity (strike bosses v. crucible v. CoE)? 4) Are there variations in drop rates for different specific opportunities (do different bosses have their own set rates, do different crucible types have their own set rates, is there a difference in Normal Strikes v. Heroic v. Nightfall)? 5) For crucible, does the drop rate change depending in if you win or lose the match and/or how well one performs? 6) Are there any other additional factors that can have an effect on the drop rate (for example wearing an exotic v. not, certain active perks, sub-class, class, level, light level, etc.)? I am not complaining about the drop rate, I am just curious about what the actual situation is after hearing so many theories. Also I suppose I wouldn't mind knowing how to use my 3OC in the most optimal way... But mostly curiosity! I would really appreciate a Bungie reply or a direct quote from a previous Bungie answer (post-patch). Or if someone has run a recent statistically valid test with sufficient sample sizes, that would be interesting too. Thank you, The_Urban_Nomad (Posted 11-2-2016)

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