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Bearbeitet von Gustav: 10/27/2016 8:56:41 PM

A Dark Souls Guide to PvP

1. Don't chug. No, really, don't. 2. Always point down after defeating a dark sword, estoc, katana or CCS user (VERY IMPORTANT) 3. Be careful about spamming parries. You may get backstabbed. 4. You can't parry reactively. Predict your opponent, but don't spam for the reason above. If an opponent seems very good, don't bother trying to parry them. 5. Always infuse and upgrade your weapons. Upgrading a weapon to +9 to save a slab is perfectly acceptable. 6. Throwing knives, green blossoms and firebombs are your friends. Remember to utilize them! 7. Miracles are worthless. Don't bother. 8. Ring of Favor and Clothanthy Ring are both a must have. Always use these. 9. Be careful about blocking with a shield. If an opponent depletes your stamina while you are guarding, you will get riposted. 10. Learn how to "space". Thrusting attacks have alot of range, use that to keep opponents away from you. 11. Greatswords and Ultra Greatswords are slow, so don't play aggresively. Bait people into your attacks. 12. The 2-handed R1 of Ultra Greatswords [b][i]cannot[/i][/b] be parried. Make use of this. 13. Armor doesn't matter. Use whatever you want! 14. The caestus is a great tool for parrying, as you can start to move just as the parry animation ends. 15. Many of the heavier weapons have "hyper armor", meaning that you can't get staggered while swinging them. Use this to catch aggresive players. 16. Always have a backup weapon. Using a Greatsword against a spear is not a very good idea, so having a Straight Sword or Katana at hand is very helpful. 17. Major PvP hotspots include: The courtyard right after Pontiff Sullivahn, the first bonfire on the high wall of lothric and if you have the DLC, you can easily match up with others using the Undead Match feature. 18. Undead match has MANY gamemodes, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and an all-out 6 player last man standing. 19. Soul level 125 is the best to do PvP. Any less, and your opponents might be noobs. Any higher and you will start seeing less players in general. 20. Get good. Yes, thats it. Get good, casul. Feel free to add your own tips. If anyone needs help or want to PvP, you can add me on PS4.[spoiler]My GT is GustavEK12[/spoiler]Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a few things.

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