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Bearbeitet von drunken_munkie: 9/21/2016 11:35:17 PM

Who else had the "FEELS" when completing the year 3 Gjallarhorn side mission.

When my teammate and I was doing the few side missions to complete the Ghorn side quest, every mission gave us the feels, from defending Ghost from the hoards at Bannerfalls to the last mission in which you watch Ghost assemble the GodHorn in front of your very eyes, when you super through the relentless waves, the awesome reward of equipping it and taking down those damn spider tanks with re-spawning limitless ammo. By this time you knew that the all mighty Gjallarhorn was back to its original glory. We had shivers going up our spines and was all emotional, only vanilla veterans would truly understand this feeling. It's back baby........ and I told you so, wolf pack rounds would not get water down to piss :)

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