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Bearbeitet von sweeniss: 9/14/2016 1:53:38 AM

Zen Meteor Stealth Nerf!!!!!!!

Id like to start this by saying zen meteor has been my go to sniper since its release. It shares the highest impact archetype like black spindle as many of you may know. After the recent nerfs to sniper damage I thought I would be unaffected because my precious meteor was not in the same impact archetype as 1k stare. I couldnt be more wrong. I will like to share with you my findings: Pre-Nerf Zen Meteor: -Headshot Damage (PvP): 334 Damage to the head with an unseeable amount of explosive round damage. -Bodyshot Damage (PvP): 84(regular)+84(explosive) = 164 Total Damage Post-Nerf Zen Meteor: -Headshot Damage (PvP): 303 Damage to the head with an unseeable amount of explosive round damage. -BodyShot Damage (PvP): 76+76= 152 Total Damage Post Nerf Damage Reduction: -9.3% Headshot Damage Nerf -9.52% Bodshot Damage Nerf -Playtesting against a max armor (without ram) non-radiant skin sunsinger shows that zen meteor can no longer 1 shot kill supers. -Considering that the 1k stare archetype only recieved 6% damage nerf this is significant. Only black spindle (currently) can reliably one shot supers. Bungie completely neglected to mention the fact that this nerf was implemented ON A -blam!-ING EXOTIC. And that alone is unacceptable. Enough with the stealth nerfs already we are sick of this shit. Edit: Before I hear anymore people saying that it is the 1k stare archetype take your time to watch this video:

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