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7/21/2016 1:06:50 AM

The Story of the GHorn

So there I was...just as happy as a kid on Christmas...waiting in Xurs inventory worth a cheap 17 strange coins...but as I saw everyone come...almost no one...wanted me. So the week went on and it was now 2:47 am and Xur was about to leave. Little by little the people stopped coming to look at it...the helm of inmost light...sunbreakers...and lucky raspberry... Xur left along with his hundreds of ghorns and I just sat in few inventory's still not even being used. I'm an exotic right, I'm supposed to be cool, even amazing. Anyways even less used me. I could hear the guardians talk and ask why they didn't buy a ghorn and I'll I heard was I couldn't afford it or its useless, its a heavy exotic who wants it. At that moment I was heart broken. I quickly learned to live with it empty and unupgraded. Then one day I was able to see what a guardian could see. He brought me out to be used. I was able to see a person. I think it was a vex. It was very dark. Templar...I think...he had a shield spinning around him. Then I was shot...I did my best at my damage even though the cobwebs to away some damage. But even tho I thought I did bad I could the other guardians scream and shout as they saw how much damage I did. Then they all brought us out. We beat the Templar faster the we would shoot. After that day my name was spread around the galaxy. The hunters, the titans, even the warlocks heard of me. Few brought me our fast to use against the forces of darkness. I started to get more popular. I was in more inventory's then ever. I was starting to get used to defeating a lot of fallen until I saw someone new... Bright blue...he was big...really big... Crota the name...again it was dark...he had his own planet in the back...he was much harder to kill as be just tanked everything. Months passes and more enemies started to fear me. The fallen had enough of me, the hive learned to, the vex tried to teleport away, and the cabal tried to fight back. But I was starting to die out. Year 2 came and no one used me again. A year has passed now and I've been hearing my name again. But not in its usually name. Ghallrwing I think. I was turned into a sparrow. Everything I've done for these guardians and this is what I get. Now for my revenge let me make you pay to make me better. Muahahaha. Thanks everyone lmao Who thinks ghorn sparrow a good idea. Keep hunting guardians...for a ghorn
#Destiny #Ghorn

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