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5/27/2016 12:24:48 PM

HC's Overall, in a better place, but still need a little more love

HC's are in a much better place than they used to be. However, they still need some more tweaking IMO. Out of all the primary weapons, HC's (and Auto rifles for that matter) are the ONLY primary weapons that I EVER find myself scrounging for ammo in PvE. I NEVER worry about ammo on my Scout rifles, or Pulse rifles. Why? This is my PRIMARY weapon. My PRIMARY source of damage (or it should be) on enemy mobs. I should NOT be starving for ammo as much as I am, even when I'm wearing ammo boosting armor. While this is not as game breaking for HC's as it once was, it still is a very real problem. Please boost the reserve ammunition just a little more, at the very least, we should have 90-100 rounds in reserve WITHOUT armor boosting perks. Hell I should add, why in the world should I even be required to boost my PRIMARY weapons reserve ammunition limit? I stress, this is my PRIMARY weapon! It's a small quality of life boost, it's not even an issue in PvP either, the range nerfs were justified for HC's (the exotics at least), but the reduction to reserve ammunition was absolutely 100% uncalled for, and this NEEDS to be rectified even further IMHO. Next, accuracy. Phantom rounds need to go, or the "cone" of fire must be tightened when firing at enemies within optimal ranges. This RNG nonsense that we get when ADS'ing at a target, with our irons square on their head yet still missing is NOT a confidence inspiring thing, especially when you're trying to use an HC in the crucible. Such mechanics forces players to look for specific perks to just make the darn things viable and consistent. I'm not asking for the ability to challenge weapons such as scouts or pulse rifles at range, but when I'm shooting at someone within the appropriate ranges, and I'm doing my part, I expect to be rewarded for having proper target acquisition and gun skill, not be screwed over due to some crappy RNG system that decided that I shot a shotgun shell that so happens to go all around my target out of my handgun instead of an actual bullet. Let me finish this off with a positive note though, the improvements to HC's in this past patch were greatly appreciated. It's good to see HC's coming back into both PvE and PvP. Thank you for the hard work, and I hope to see these small buffs implemented in a future patch. V/R A loyal fan

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