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5/16/2016 12:09:07 PM

Halo Customs Lobby - Play games with fellow Halo players!

Hi there! Are you tired of playing Halo alone? Do you wish to have competent teammates in Warzone? Perhaps you're lacking the required amount of players to test out your new custom map. Or has Sophie stopped responding to your requests for a one on one match on Zanzibar? Well look no further! Introducing Halo Customs Lobby! Halo Customs Lobby is a group dedicated to hosting and joining game lobbies for Halo players. Be it either Custom games or matchmaking, Halo Customs Lobby will provide you with the players, all you need to do is play! Players of all Halo games are welcome! Party up for Warzone! Start a Halo Wars match! Host some good ole Halo 3 and Reach custom game lobbies! Hell, even start a Spartan Ops gamenight if you want! We won't judge. Love to talk about Halo? So do we! Come discuss what you love or hate about the Halo Universe! Don't be afraid to introduce yourself too! Whether you're new or old to the franchise, everyone is welcome! So if you're ready to party with fellow Halo players and have a good time, Halo Customs Lobby is the place for you! All you need to do is click the link below!

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