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Bearbeitet von SancusXenon: 5/12/2016 9:11:01 AM

Strike specific loot disappeared

I've grinded The Will of Crota over 400 times, and I finally got the Omnigul bond while using my Warlock. I made sure it was me who got it by checking my inventory. It was there and importantly, I locked it so I couldn't dismantle it on accident. But when I went to orbit, it was gone. No longer there. I hadn't transfered it using the mobile app by mistake, and made sure I hadn't by checking the vault and my other characters and it wasn't anywhere. It was gone. Poof. No more. Has anyone else had this happen with any strike loot? And BUNGIE, if you read/see this, please. Is there anyway you can give it back to me?

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