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2/19/2016 4:53:49 AM

You Should Add A Restriction/Modifier To Crucible Modes (specifics in post) That Ban Year 1 Gear

Year 1 Player - Agree


Year 1 Player - Disagree


Year 2 Player - Agree


Year 2 Player - Disagree


Neutral - Don't Care


Ban All Year 1 Gear From Year 2 Playlists


Add a restriction/modifier that bans year 1 gear from the listed Crucible activities: - Trials of Osiris - Inferno Playlist - Featured Daily Playlist I'm pretty sure I shouldn't need to explain Trials or Inferno. [spoiler]Thorn, Icebreaker exploit[/spoiler] In the featured daily, many players like myself are only there to complete daily crucible bounties, but find themselves barraged by players who don't know how to move on, and are still using the cancer weapons of year 1, specifically Thorn. [spoiler]You probably think I'm only hating on Thorn and Icebreaker, but that's not it at all.[/spoiler]

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