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Betrayal Part- 3

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentleguardians, welcome back to another, oh you get it if you made it this far. Blah, blah boring stuff... ENJOY! [b][i][u]Betrayal[/u][/i][/b] The Titans were pinned behind cover for a few minutes before they were able to do anything. "SIR!" A Titan called out, "They're not sto-" a bullet hit him the back of the head, stopping his sentence short. Marb looked around at the dozen or so men that had lost their lives fighting for the cause. "How many men left?" Marb asked his second in command over the radio. "Um about three dozen I believe. I say we have a head count." "Yeah, alright in that case everyone number off." "One. Two.... Thirty One." "Anyone that has a Hammer prepared, go for it." The sound of three hammer activations rang across the battlefield. Then, hammers rained down on the Disciples of Osiris and the Titans rushed in. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Marb screamed as he lifted into the air and Shoulder Charged a Hunter. He pulled out his Shotgun and floated towards a second Hunter taking him down with ease. Marb turned around and drew his First Curse out pulling the trigger rapidly, he disposed of three more Disciples. A rocket flew by him, missing by inches. The rocket hit the ground and Marb went flying. He crashed into the ground face first and his visor cracked. Meanwhile Rehmee, palmed a Titan in the face and it started melting into void droplets of a water like substance. He blinked into the air and Nova bombed, disintegrating four Titans that were within the area of effect. =-------------------------------------------------= Osiris worked quickly, adjusting calculations and adding metal to the Vex portal that sat beneath the Guardians chest of rewards. "How much longer?" Balear asked, impatiently. Osiris' response was swift and angry, "This isn't easy ya know." "Oh, okay mister [i]'I can do this on my own because I studied the Vex for a bit'[/i] "If you have something to say, say it Balear." "I just don't see-" a small explosion shook the ground and a metal plate fell off the top of the portal. "Go see what's going on." "You got it, Osiris." Balear lifted himself into the air and headed towards the battle. =--------------------------------------------------= Kabr reloaded his sniper rifle and the Gatekeeper burst into flames as what was left of him collapsed within itself. "That was easy." Yor commented. "It gets harder. Trust me." Anon replied. The Mars gate opened up and Cayde, and Anon went in to get the relic. [i]A team full of Hunters, just what I needed.[/i] Kabr thought to himself. [i]Then I'll let you be alone for a second.[/i] A strange voice spoke to him through his thoughts. As soon the voice finished the sentence everything froze. Time seemed to rewind as all of the members were standing outside the gate again. [i]Atheon.[/i] [i]That's right Kabr. It's me. I'm going to give you a choice.[/i] Both gates opened up.[i]Inside the left gate you can choose to forget everything you have ever been through by returning to the past. After all that is your mission. However, if you go through the right gate, you can choose to regret your life and survive me and my torture by attempting to kill me. So what will it be.[/i] [i]I think I'll take option, three where we both suffer for our sins.[/i] [i]That's not possible, I have seen every possible ending to this battle. They all end with you suffering, or, you suffering some more.[/i] [i]Not this time.[/i] Atheon appeared in the middle, beneath the glass. Kabr started running towards him, and let light fill him to the brim. Using his will he spawned a relic in his hands and he crashed into Atheon with it. The entire Vault shook and time started once more. Kabr was right they would both suffer. The ceiling of the Vault cracked and started falling into the cavern. "GET BEHIND COVER." Gage shouted. [b][i][u]End of Part Three[/u][/i][/b] My friends, fans, readers, anyone else. The series is coming to a close after nearly a year of on and off with writing. The next part or two will see the end of the Lighthouse and a final chapter with a possible epilogue shows what happens afterwards. But I will speak on this another time. See you starside. Catch up here--->

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