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Bearbeitet von Eluminary: 2/18/2016 7:57:29 AM

Surge soda is Back

Anyone remember this from the 90's? It was my favorite drink for a while back then, but then it got discontinued and for a while people were selling old stock for like $100 per 6 pack * I never bought it at this price but I saw it being sold* Anyway I noticed it's being sold on Amazon again for a reasonable price if anyone has any nostalgia from the old days. [spoiler] I bought three sets and found out about that new stupid Amazon pantry thing which may make me re-evaluate my Amazon Prime membership but that's another topic [/spoiler] Edit: apparently it was successful enough on Amazon that is now being sold in some stores. With a locate surge retaileron tge website. I just happened to notice it on my way home yesterday.

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