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Bearbeitet von JediMasterNY: 2/8/2016 5:32:32 AM

Suggestions for Improving Tower Interactions

So some of these things may be old or have been said but here are some suggestions for improving tower/reef actions, some of which I would imagine would not be ridiculously hard: 1. A collection for raid gear and weapons: Ok, I realize the main issue with this one is that ps3 and 360 might be unable to handle this considering the compare feature was too much of a strain but this would be tremendously helpful for us year one collectors. My weapon vault is stacked with raid weapons (besides both fusion rifles; I'm looking at you rng) and I still would like to hold on to them in some way. The exotic collections have been great for this since currently undesirable gear can be held until it is wanted. 2. Retain the delete feature when in the vault: Honestly, this one has been baffling me since year 1. I see no reason to not have the option in the vault, especially with the lock feature. It would be a time saver to not have to back out and go back in 3. Have all legendary and exotic items be prevented from being pushed out of the mailbox: With a stacked vault comes a lot of "mail." Unfortunately, just a few heroic strikes or an hour or two of crucible and that legendary engram you were saving is gone. With load times being long enough that we don't want to go to the tower constantly or interrupt the consecutive-strike boost, it would help to have the gear locked (or at least locked up to the current maximum number of items). 4. Have a delete feature for non-equipped items that are in mailbox or vault: Again, us collectors have trouble grabbing things sometimes. For useless 264 hand cannons that are sitting in our mailbox, it would be nice to just be able to dismantle quickly without shuffling the inventories Just a few suggestions

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